Manik Narang

I am a Sophomore in University of California San Diego majoring in Computer Science. While having a drive towards software development, I am also pursuing Data Sciences and Machine Learning courses.

Latest (Updated 03/30/2018)

This upcoming summer, I am interning as a Software Engineering Intern at Mitek Systems, Inc. in the Cloud Development Team.

Work Experience

CSE Department, UC San Diego
Undergraduate CSE Teaching Assistant
September 2017 - Present ● San Diego, CA

  • Spring 2018 quarter: Advanced Data Structures in C++ (CSE 100).
  • Winter 2018 quarter: Java - Object Oriented Programming (CSE 11).
  • Fall 2017 quarter: Computer Organization and Systems Programming - ARM Architecture (CSE 30).
  • Duties: Designed and graded programming assignments, homeworks and tests. Held office hours to help students analyze and solve their problems in efficient ways. Held review sessions to go over certain concepts in the courses.
  • Hear me give a little pep talk to 259 students on using Vim over Eclipse in their early software development days.
  • IBM
    Full-Stack Developer Intern
    July 2017 - September 2017 ● Bangalore, India

  • Built an automated employee hiring platform for IBM's Sales and Distribution department (S&D), to speed up the process of hiring new employees.
  • A unified platform having information like employee's application form, background check details, non-disclosure agreements and contracts.
  • Also built an Android application, porting the platform to mobile devices.
  • Frameworks/Languages used: Python/Django, PHP, HTML/CSS, Java, XML, Android Studio.
  • Morning Sign Out
    Android Developer Intern
    May 2017 - September 2017 ● Remote ● Berkeley, CA

  • Developed an Android application that informs people about latest research in Biology happening across University of California campuses.
  • Application now published on the Google Play Store.
  • Frameworks/Languages used: Java, XML, Android Studio.
  • CREO
    Android Open Source Developer Intern
    August 2016 - September 2016 ● Bangalore, India

  • Developed and debugged custom AOSP based firmware called Fuel OS, at Android framework level.
  • Debugged issues like glitchy animations, buggy notification system, and decoded hard-embedded CPU serial number to track distinct firmware installs.
  • Frameworks/Languages used: Java, C, C++, AOSP frameworks.
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft Student Associate
    July 2014 - January 2015 ● New Delhi, India

  • Part of Microsoft Research Strike-Team, as I organized and attended workshops on "Massively Empowered Classrooms" in Indian institutions.
  • Worked on challenges to improve business, technical and logical skills through workshops held throughout India.

  • Personal Projects

    Kickstarter Projects Analysis
    Data Science Project

  • Cleaned, visualized, analysed and built a classifier using publicly available data on different kinds of projects from, to determine which categories of projects become successful in achieving their pledged amounts, and which categories of projects fail within a particular timeframe.
  • Built a model using K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm to predict whether a kind of project succeeds/fails in a given timeframe for a given amount of money pledged.
  • Frameworks/Languages used: Python (Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Numpy, Scikit-Learn), Jupyter Notebook.
  • Interact
    Android Application

  • Interact simplifies the way of connecting with people on various social networking websites through automation.
  • Gone are the days of spending time on manually sending/accepting friend requests.
  • With one tap of a button or a bump of two phones, connect on multiple platforms, with also having the ability of opting-in/opting-out of different platforms.
  • Frameworks/Languages used: Java, XML, JavaScript, Android Studio.
  • Riderr
    Android Application

  • Riderr optimizes travelling - it gives you the cheapest prices to travel across the city just by a few taps on the screen, along with the options to book a cab from within the application.
  • With Riderr, you can get the different times during the day when the prices drop to the lowest in travelling from one point to another.
  • Using Machine Learning, Riderr predicts prices based on past data the best time to book your cab for the cheapest travel.
  • Frameworks/Languages used: Java, Python, XML, JavaScript, Android Studio.
  • AOSP Development
    January 2014 - May 2016

  • In January 2014, I started working on Android Open Source Project to bring Android KitKat to my obsolete HTC Desire C.
  • In early 2015, I started compiling Android Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy SII, which was downloaded by 3000+ users.
  • As a result of my contributions, I was conferred "Recognized Contributor" title on XDA-Developers, and received over $200 donations from users who liked and supported the firmwares.
  • Frameworks/Languages used: AOSP frameworks/libraries, Java, C, C++

  • Selected College Coursework

  • CSE 140: Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems
  • CSE 140L: Digital Systems Laboratory
  • CSE 105: Theory of Computation
  • CSE 100: Advanced Data Structures in C++
  • COGS 108: Data Science in Practice
  • ECON 120A: Probability and Statistics
  • CSE 198: Entrepreneurship - Ideas to Execution
  • CSE 91: Arduino and Programming in C++
  • CSE 30: Computer Organization and Systems Programming (SPARC Architecture)
  • CSE 21: Mathematics for Algorithms and Systems Analysis
  • CSE 20: Discrete Mathematics
  • CSE 12: Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design
  • CSE 11: Java - Object-Oriented Programming